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Black Belle: The Dual-Tape Vol. 2
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Diamant Ballou: Black Belle

"Born in Croydon, but raised in East London and Essex, Diamant expresses raw emotion and sincerity with her vocal prowess and poetic lyricism."


"The Black Belle Dual-Tape is the second volume of Diamant Ballou's "Dual-Tape" series consisting of 2 tracks Wonderboy (A-side) + Black Belle (B-side). This project is a narrative inspired by traditional West-African folk-tales and personal experiences and interpretations of romantic love in today's society.

"I wanted to tell a love story and explore my feelings towards innocent infatuation evolving into an experience that forces you to begin the process of accepting your flaws in order to accept the flaws of people you are connected to intimately."



Wonderboy (AM) Feat. Shumba Maasai

Produced by Chuck XXV
Guitar by Ollie Haycock
Bass guitar by Dan Sonabend

Black Belle (Glow PM)

Produced by Jung Mergs
Co-produced by Diamant Ballou

Mixed by Chuck XXV & Jung Mergs
Mastered by Semi
Artwork & Photography by Matthew Kinani Matthew Kinani
All songs written & performed by Diamant Ballou.

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