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Distract Me
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Jung Mergs - Distract Me

"Taking inspiration from horror-core visuals, Jung hastily tries to get away from his distractions as they taunt him, where he puts them down on paper so he can finally let go of them in this new video. Directed by none other than BKAS, this is an experience to take you into Jung's world."

Plus TRBE Recordings
[Track Credits]

Produced by Jung Mergs
Mixed & mastered by Jung Mergs @ Plus TRBE Studios, London

['Distract Me' Music Video]

Directeor and editor: BKAS
Cinematography: Koko Steimenov
Drone shots: Rob Fenton
Assisting production: Will Kouao @ ForeverGood Model: Sadé

© Plus TRBE Recordings 2021

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