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DiTi (Diamant Ballou & Tulin) - Silence

"I always anticipate new music from these two, who have released some of my favourite music over the last few years. This new project is stunning."


"The 3-track EP features some smooth and intricate synth leads and electronic effects that make for an immersive, captivating soundscape. “Compass” is a slow-paced, gorgeous track with Diamant and Tulin’s goreous vocals adding true soul to the light and mystical instrumental. “Silence” is mesmeric, as I’ve already mentioned in my review, while the subdued “Push” features stunning vocals from both musicians who really did bring out such emotive and transcendent energy. Overall, DiTi have excelled yet again with this short project, and I really hope feel and float the same way I did while listening. It’s a true masterclass in musicality as they bring hypnotic and powerful energies throughout."


Vocals by Diamant Ballou & Tulin
Produced by Tulin
Mixed & mastered by Jung Mergs @ Plus TRBE Recordings, London

© Plus TRBE Recordings 2019

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