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Diamant Ballou - Huckleberry

"...a rooted yet sultry number depicting "a woman scorned" over a soundscape of cascading percussion and dark atmospheric pads"


"As soon as I heard Buli's production I knew I wanted to lyrically explore the rawness of heartbreak with a strong pull towards sensual energy. It was almost as if I emotionally connected with a specific momentin the past and visually imagined a place I had never been to simultaneously. I also wanted to vocally express pain that is rooted in the awareness of being able to overcome, but still remaining present with the specific emotion in order to move forward."


Produced by Buli
Mixed by Jung Mergs & Chuck XXV @ Plus TRBE Recordings, London
Mastered by Ricardo Sangiao @ World Class Mastering, Miami, FL
Cover artwork by Vincent

© Plus TRBE Recordings 2018

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