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Vibrations and Consciousness: EP

"The self-produced debut EP from East London artist Jung Mergs, 'Vibrations and Consciousness' is nothing short of the UK experience seen through the lens of a young person in their 20's on the way to mastering their art."

This is the first instalment from Jung on Plus TRBE Recordings. Hard hitting realisations of the continuous and hopeless matrix cycles in 'cogwheels.exe', versus the juxtaposition of rebelling against the odds, vivid dreams of success and experimenting with psychedelics as displayed in '320d' is a common theme of the emotional rollercoaster that the project thwarts you into. '320d' powerfully depicts the moments of Jung riding through his ends in his car, spitting braggadociously, with an almost reckless conviction in his vision. Through those experiences, Jung expresses the importance of achieving a spiritual balance between those two states which is effortlessly and beautifully depicted in "5AM in East London" and where 'Motions' serves as the sonic interlude before that where this perspective finally clicks in to place. While introspective and personal themes are present in '5AM', Jung speaks to the collective consciousness of a whole generation who are in this position of fighting to make their dreams reality. However, navigating these pitfalls of the system is something that he does not do alone. In 'Low Tones', Jung describes the first encounters with soon to be co-founding members of the Plus TRBE label. Adorned by gorgeous vocals, "soon fly, fly in my dreams" is the mantra chanted by the talented singer-songwriter Tulin." - Plus TRBE Recordings


Performed by Jung Mergs
All tracks produced by Jung Mergs
Recorded @ Plus TRBE Recordings, London, UK
Mixed & Mastered by Jung Mergs @ Plus TRBE Recordings, London, UK
Additional mixing by Chuck XXV

1) cogwheels.exe
Written by Jung Mergs, Diamant Ballou

2) 320d
Written by Jung Mergs

3) Motions (Interlude)

4) 5AM in East London
Written by Jung Mergs
Background vocals by Diamant Ballou & Cherelle Renay

5) Low Tones
Written by Jung Mergs, Tulin

Cover photogrpahy by Jung Mergs

© Plus TRBE Recordings 2019

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